• The Citizenry

    The Citizenry

    The People of the Empire.

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  • The Emperor

    The Emperor

    The Man behind the Will.

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  • The Struggle

    The Struggle

    The battle against the Dull!

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Electronical Graphics Orientation

Whether you have reached this place by mistake or intentionally, the Emperor has authorized the knowledge of the Red Fork Empire be opened to this dimension.

Red Fork Empire Collage

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About the RFE

The Red Fork Empire is an Artist collective that believes the use of imagination and creativity is what makes life worth living.

We encourage this practice especially to those who think they cannot be creative or have an imagination worth expressing.

As a group we strive to encourage each other to use our imagination and to create when we feel unable to do so. We support each other in individual artistic projects and if possible lend assistance when asked.

Using the theme of the Red Fork Empire, citizens have a springboard to jump start the creative process and use it to focus their imagination. We are the last line of defense against the destruction of make-believe.