Title – The Abomination
File Name – 7
Aliases – Bernadette
Identity – Identity is kept hidden

Height – 5ft 4in
Weight – around
Eyes – The whole eyes is dark blue-violet with teal pupils and a teal ring around the pupil
Hair – it’s usually brown but it changes a lot

Real Life Place of Operations – Webster groves, MO, United States
Universe of Origin – 7 comes from a universe I made for a comic
Place of Birth – Salem, MA, 1899
Base of Operations – They work in a lab in a cave loaded with the crystallized ectoplasm used to power and create sub-organic machines

Email – HauntedIndigo@gmail.com
Web Experience – None

First Appearance: 2015
Citizenship: yes, U.S.
Caste: brigand
Legal Status: Turned the people responsible for re-modeling their body into something that looked beautiful but was excruciating to move around in and live in into mutilated ghoul like beings and is known to attack and take apart non-sentient robots for parts and food.

Known Relatives: 1 (Henry Edwards) Is 7’s father
Group Affiliation: Classified
Martial Status: single
Known Allies: Allies outside of the empire: Sub-organics 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9.2, and Dr. Jason F. Meyers
Major Enemies: 6 (Victor Stoker)the sub-organic who poisoned them, 1 (Henry Edwards, 7’s biological father) The sub organic who brought 7 back then got rid of them due to 7’s corpse like appearance

Education: home schooled and self taught
Occupation: Scientist

Distinguishing Features: They’re in a constant state of rust/decay
Powers: They have the ability to discharge necrotic and healing energy
Source of Powers: The crystallized ectoplasm that powers them/keeps them alive gives them the healing and necrotic energy discharge and it is activated by building up a charge in the core and directing that energy to the right or left hand where it is released as healing o
Abilities: They know how to make more sub-organic people, they know a lot about human anatomy, and they are really good at making sweets/candy
Weapons : Classified
Paraphernalia: Test tubes, small vials filled with different colored crystallized ectoplasm, and an autographed pouch that is strapped to 7’s leg.
Fighting Style: Stealthy

Primary Specialty: Fixing
Secondary Specialty: Healing