Admiral of Engineering

Title – Admiral of Engineering Admiral of Engineering
File Name – Classified
Aliases – Admiral, Engineer
Identity – The Admiral’s identity is not known to the entire Empire.

Height – Classified
Weight – Classified
Eyes – Greenish-Brown
Hair – Brown hair, Reddish orange facial hair

Real Life Place of Operations – Cincinati
Universe of Origin – Red Fork Empire
Place of Birth – Classified
Base of Operations – On or in the Sea, Occasionally the S.S. Justinian

Email – none
Web Experience – none

First Appearance: 2010
Citizenship: Red Fork Empire
Caste: Legio
Legal Status: The Admiral has no criminal record.

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: Classified
Martial Status: Engaged
Known Allies: Anyone associated with the military of the Red Fork Empire
Major Enemies: The Dull, Rust on my damned ships, Giant Squid

Education: Naval Academy
Occupation: Admiral of the Redfork Empire Naval Engineers

Distinguishing Features: Depends whether I’m in the field or not.
Powers: Can never die, immortal if you will. If killed, whether in battle or just an accident, I am reborn and awake back in my own bed with friends, family, and “my men” in the military having no recollection of me perishing or how i came back, almost like it ne
Source of Powers: I believe that my biological parents were part of a cult worshiping the great Cthulhu. And I’m a sort of immortal being from the dark oblivion that just happens to look, act, and feel human.
Abilities: Can make a damned good Egg in a Pocket
Weapons : Navy colt revolver, Harpoon Gun, Welding torch, Large Wrench
Paraphernalia: Scuba Gear every time I’m needed in the field
Fighting Style: Since I am an Admiral, I broadside my enemies with large Tesla Cannons that are deadly accurate and highly explosive

Primary Specialty: Engineering for Ships
Secondary Specialty: Ship Battle Tactics