Title – The Adventurer Adventurer Oberon Quince
File Name – Oberon Quince
Aliases – Q; Deputy Salmon Paisley; Sir.
Identity – Public

Height – 6′ 1″
Weight – 180 pounds
Eyes – Blue
Hair – Brown

Real Life Place of Operations – Denver, CO
Universe of Origin – Alternate Turn of the 20th Century
Place of Birth – Leadville, Colorado, USA
Base of Operations – Denver City, Colorado, USA

Email –
Web Experience –

First Appearance: 2011 AD
Citizenship: Denver City, Colorado, USA
Caste: Legio
Legal Status: No Charges

Known Relatives: Flora Quince, mother; Jonathan Quince, father
Group Affiliation: Quince & Company Adventurers; US Marshals; United Intelligence Taskforce
Martial Status: Betrothed to Ms. Evaline Kingston
Known Allies: Dillon Holt; Andrew Winterfields; Sir Isaac Washington; Evaline Kingston; Brian Myrrh; Delilah Amadeus; Finnegan; Emperor Justinian Stanislaus; Target; Dr. Grymm; Inquisitor Zhann Carcerri; et cetera
Major Enemies: Octavius Quince; The Admiral; Heinrich von Strudelbach; The Hooded Gunman; The Shadowman

Education: United Armada Academy
Occupation: Adventurer-for-Hire; Paranormal Exterminator; Temporary Lawman; Gentleman Scholar; Agent of the Imperial Inquisition

Distinguishing Features: Bionic eye; bizarre fashion sense
Powers: Classified
Source of Powers: Classified
Abilities: Exemplary skills with firearms; profound knowledge of inter-dimensional technology, history, the paranormal and creatures mythical and foul
Weapons : Vast armory of firearms of varying origins
Paraphernalia: Leather utility baldric; spectacles; stylish hat
Fighting Style: Run ‘n Gun

Primary Specialty: Adventuring
Secondary Specialty: Paranormal Extermination