Title – Advocate Advocate
File Name – Classified
Aliases – Thoren
Pretty boy
Identity – Advocate’s identity is not known to the entire Empire.

Height – Classified
Weight – Classified
Eyes – Classified
Hair – Classified

Real Life Place of Operations – Florida
Universe of Origin – White Wolf
Place of Birth – Classified
Base of Operations – New Byzantium

Email –
Web Experience – none

First Appearance: 2000
Citizenship: Red Fork Empire
Caste: Executrix Doctrine
Legal Status: Advocate was suspected of Treason but was cleared of all charges.

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: Regime, Black and Whites.
Martial Status: Married
Known Allies: Provider of the Vitamin, Tactician, Brigadier, Defender of the Commune, Head of Security, Keeper of the Unknown Knowledge, Teacher, Minister of Infernal Affairs.

Major Enemies: Justicariate

Education: Classified
Occupation: Court Defender and Prosecutor, Representative of Brigands and Non-citizens, Fight corruption from the Gods, Prevent the innocent getting bullied from the Gods.

Distinguishing Features: Classified
Powers: Classified
Source of Powers: Classified
Abilities: Has such knowledge of law that he can legally turn any situation to his advantage, Evasive calculation, Getting mortally banished from a Universe of pretend by frustrating the Gods
Weapons : Standard issue
Paraphernalia: Books of Law from Multiple Dimensions.
Fighting Style: Objection

Primary Specialty: Court Representation
Secondary Specialty: Instigation