Title – The Aethermancer The Aethermancer
File Name – Henry Dansforth Hobb
Aliases – Hobb
Identity – Hidden

Height – 5’6″
Weight – 220
Eyes – Blue
Hair – Dark Brown

Real Life Place of Operations – Connecticut
Universe of Origin – Goblin Hill Manor
Place of Birth – Providence Rhode Island September 28 1869
Base of Operations – Goblin Hill Manor

Email –
Web Experience – or

First Appearance: 2010
Citizenship: Resident of Goblin Hill Manor.
Caste: Executrix Doctrine
Legal Status: No Criminal Record.

Known Relatives: Deceased
Group Affiliation: Classified
Martial Status: Single
Known Allies: Classified
Major Enemies: The Dull, Boredom, Dr. Charles Hobb, Angry Villagers.

Education: University of Inglostadt Bavaria
Occupation: Aethermancer, Alchemist, Apothecary, Occultist, Adventurer, Physicist.

Distinguishing Features: Celtic Tribal Band Tattoo Right Wrist
Powers: Aethermancy – The Art and Science of manipulating the cosmic forces of the Universe.
Source of Powers: Goblin Hill Manor
Abilities: Aethermancy, Alchemy, Knowledge of the Occult. Mad Science.
Weapons : Pistols, Swords, Aethercane.
Paraphernalia: The Emancipator, Aethercane, Aetheric Temporal Field Generator.
Fighting Style: Fencing, Pistols, Bartitsu, unleashing hordes of homunculi and raining down the lightning.

Primary Specialty: Aethermancy Leathercraft
Secondary Specialty: Leathercraft