Ageless Indestructible Woman

Title – The Ageless Indestructible Woman
File Name – Monique Elton
Aliases – Moe, Queen of the Ruins of Jord, Queen of All Kingdoms, Queen of Earth, Queen of Wind, Queen of Water, Queen of Fire, Last of The House of Elton, The Holder of All Power of The Four Elements,
Identity – My family has been written about in books for generations, you may not know my face, but you know me.

Height – 5’3″
Weight – 130lbs
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Brown

Real Life Place of Operations – Massachusetts, USA
Universe of Origin – The Lands of Wonder and Lust; Wonderlust
Place of Birth – I have been born and reborn may times in my years, all when I wanted a new start in life. But my first birth was 300 years ago in the kingdom of Jord.
Base of Operations – With no designated home or “base” my own mind is my place of operation. Where ever I go, I can plan.

Email –
Web Experience – None

First Appearance: 2014
Citizenship: I hail from the all powerful ruins of what was once Jord.
Caste: Venerate Prescript
Legal Status: Absolutely not. My people worship me. I do nothing but good, and aim for happiness among all. But there are those who…may not.

Known Relatives: My mother and father, along with everyone else in Jord have killed themselves and destroyed the kingdom. No one left but me.
Group Affiliation: Classified
Martial Status: Single. A long lost love was taken from me, then murdered.
Known Allies: Classified
Major Enemies: At the moment there is one family of power that is threatening Wonderlust, and for the first time I have grown to hate them all and will seek out any way possible to stop them and their blood line.

Education: I was taught all my general knowledge math, reading, writing, by my mother.
Occupation: Queen of all the Kingdoms. Watch over all the kingdoms, moderate wars and make sure they don’t kill every last man there may be.

Distinguishing Features: No. There is not a flaw.
Powers: The ability to control water, wind, earth and fire. Immortality. Frozen in time, no aging.
Source of Powers: Born with all these powers, but they become stronger when all others like me had killed themselves. I have received all the powers of those who have fallen.
Abilities: I know all. Everything that is important about my kingdoms. All that my be going wrong. I am good at persuading people in the direction I want them to go. But there are times I feel that I know nothing… I am an excellent lover and dancer.
Weapons : Along with my powers my bow and arrows are by my side.
Paraphernalia: All of my belongings went down in the flames that destroyed Jord.
Fighting Style: I prefer not to fight. But I use the elements if I have to. Create holes in the earth. Drop water on the enemy. Control the waves. Round up wind. Set fire to everything.

Primary Specialty: Please people.
Secondary Specialty: Bring order when it needs to be brought.