Agent Bloom

Title – Agent Bloom Agent Bloom
File Name – Harmony Bloom
Aliases – Daiji, the Nine Tail Fox
Identity – Classified

Height – 5′ 7.5″
Weight – 150
Eyes – Dark Brown
Hair – Reddish Dark Brown

Real Life Place of Operations – los angeles CA
Universe of Origin – Current Earth
Place of Birth – Imperial Middle Kingdom, 1885
Base of Operations – Airship Lunarisa, Air Skipper Midnight Escapade, Colonel Steigler’s Homes in New York and England, Imperial Summer Palace of Middle Kingdom, Imperial Winter Palace of Middle Kingdom, Airship Persephone, Air Schooner Green Flash at Sunset

Email –
Web Experience – none

First Appearance: 2010
Citizenship: Yes. Imperial Middle Kingdom
Caste: Legio
Legal Status: Not a criminal

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: Classified
Martial Status: Classified
Known Allies: Colonel Otto von Steigler
Otto the Mechanical Jaeger
Major Enemies: Classified

Education: Imperial Middle Kingdom, Advanced Scholar; British Empire, College Education
Occupation: Foreign Intelligence/Counter Intelligence

Distinguishing Features: Classified
Powers: Harmony Bloom, Classified
Source of Powers: Classified
Abilities: reading, writing, speaking the Commonwealth dialect of the Imperial Middle Kingdom, english, piloting Schooners, sailboats, airship navigation, air skipper/schooner piloting, light airship mechanical repair, advanced fencing, gun shooting, lazer pistol, ballroom dancing, sewing, advanced first aid, light medical aid, archaeology, anthropology, bow rifle.
Weapons : a pair of large barreled guns
Paraphernalia: A pocket watch with a crown symbol, a plated shoulder armor, Metal Chest Protector
Fighting Style: General Self Defense, Gun fighting

Primary Specialty: – Intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, lab work
Secondary Specialty: Administrative, Accounting, Cooking