Agent Nox

Title – Agent Nox
File Name – Agustus Nox
Aliases – Templar, The Old Horse, Hunter,
Identity – Nox is known as an Agent to the Dons on Rio Bravos 5,a Hunter and Aquisitionist to the Veiled Eye, a soldier and tinkeref to Great Texas.

Height – 6’2″
Weight – 230 lbs
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Brown and grey

Real Life Place of Operations – Lafayette, Louisiana USA
Universe of Origin – Rio Bravos 5
Place of Birth – Rio Bravos 5
Base of Operations – Currently Great Texas but Nox travels when he isn’t needed.

Email –
Facebook – David Griffin. I actually already am a member of the public RFE FB page.
Web Experience – none

First Appearance: 2017
Citizenship: No current citizenship.
Caste: Brigand
Legal Status: When living on Rio Bravos 5 in service to the Dons, Nox has done many things that would be considered seriious crimes. The laws are decided by the Dons however so he was never prosecuted for following orders. Since his arrival and service in Great Texas h

Known Relatives: Several brothers and a sister that he rarely sees.
Group Affiliation: Formerly a Templario on Rio Bravos 5, formerly a Hunter for the Order of the Veiled Eye.
Martial Status: classified
Known Allies: Captain Narkamis Winterraven, Sorcha Byrne, Dorothy Gale, Dr. Thadius J. Turnwell
Major Enemies: classified

Education: Nox recieved various underworld training in service to the Dons on Rio Bravos 5. He later recieved a proper education as well as knowledge of the arcane with the Veiled Eye. Military training as well as more technical aptitude while is service to Great Te
Occupation: Currently a hired hand at Townsend Ranch but Nox fancies himself a jack of all trades. He builds and modifies, also locates unusual artifacts and items for those interested.

Distinguishing Features: Scar on tip of nose and Templar tattoo on right shoulder.
Powers: classified
Source of Powers: classified
Abilities: Various underworld related skills including assassination, extortion and bodyguarding on Rio Bravos 5. Arcane artifact knowledge and hunting and tracking skills with the Veiled Eye. Mechanical aptitude, crafting and military tactics in Great Texas.
Weapons : Revolver, double barrel shotgun, assassin blade on left wrist, bolt action rifle and laser musket.
Paraphernalia: Various arcane trinkets, as well as the occasional peculiar objects from various realities as he travels through.
Fighting Style: Gunslinging, brawling and assassination.

Primary Specialty: Gun for hire
Secondary Specialty: Tinkerer and procurer of interesting stuffs.