Air Lock

Title – Air Lock Air Lock
File Name – Classified
Aliases – Classified
Identity – Air Lock’s identity is not known to the entire Empire.

Height – Classified
Weight – Classified
Eyes – Classified
Hair – Classified

Real Life Place of Operations – Florida
Universe of Origin – Red Fork Empire
Place of Birth – Classified
Base of Operations – Air Lock is in constant geographical flux.

Email –
Web Experience –

First Appearance: 2000
Citizenship: Red Fork Empire
Caste: Brigand
Legal Status: Air Lock had a former criminal record wiped clean by the Emperor.

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: Practitioner of the Burning Trees, TNC.
Martial Status: Classified
Known Allies: Bagman, Director of Meta-human Affairs, Keeper of the Burning Trees, Minister of inter-dimensional affairs.
Major Enemies: the Dull, Gnolls.

Education: School of Hard Knocks
Occupation: Air Lock is a freelance operative of the Empire.

Distinguishing Features: At times parts of Airlock’s physical appearance are not within reality.
Powers: Airlock has the ability to open doors into other dimensions. This talent is highly unstable and under certain conditions can become dangerous to those in close proximity. He also has low level energy manipulation. Source of Powers: Burning of sacred leav
Source of Powers: Burning of sacred leaves, channeling of musical vibrations.
Abilities: Bringing small groups of people together in mental harmonic unity. Beat manipulation.
Weapons : Standard Issue for freelance operatives.
Paraphernalia: Didgeridoo
Fighting Style: Wu

Primary Specialty: Beats
Secondary Specialty: Dimensional Cartography