Ambassador Adrien Blanche

Title – Ambassador Adrien Blanche
File Name – Ambassador Adrien Blanche
Aliases – (Born Adrien De La Rousse) Adrien, Adrian, Red Eagle, The Rose Ambassador, Ambassador Blanche
Identity – To the public Adrien is Ambassador Adrien Blanche. The Mauve Squirrels are the only ones that know of Adrien’s and The Rose Harbinger’s being the same man.

Height – 6′ 2″
Weight – 160
Eyes – Grey
Hair – Black

Real Life Place of Operations – Oklahoma
Universe of Origin – Alternate Dark Reality of this one named “The Earth Omega 8 (universe)”
Place of Birth – Feburary 14, 1892 in Versailles, France
Base of Operations – Adrien has a crypt he works out of as a HQ. There is works as the founding member of the Archival Court (who follow a code similiar to that of the Assassin’s Creed series)

Email –
Web Experience – none

First Appearance: 2012
Citizenship: Adrien was born into the Nobility of France. His Father is the most important Duke of all of France.
Caste: Executrix Doctrine
Legal Status: Classified

Known Relatives: Duke Victor De La Rousse (Father), Duchass Elizabeth De La Rousse (Mother)
Group Affiliation: The Archival Court (he’s the only member) and The Mauve Squirrels
Martial Status: Single
Known Allies: Mauve Squirrels
Major Enemies: Classified

Education: He was home schooled by a scholar (Lorna Rose) and finished school at the age of 14 within the walls of Nobility
Occupation: As an Ambassodor, Adrien goes and deals with external affairs and settles them in a professional and timely manner. On the occassion there is an abuse of power, which is when the Rose Harbinger comes into play. As well as an Ambassador, Adrien has a secre

Distinguishing Features: Classified
Powers: Superhuman Agility/Dexterity and Reflexes, Keen Observance (Pretty much A.C. Eagle Vision) Charismatic, Superhuman Constitution, Pain Tolerance, Superhuman Speed, Agility, Endurance, Strength, and Fortitude with Light Sensitivity and will Berserk when ma
Source of Powers: Adrien was Red Rigivont Poisoned which is genetic Vampirism (needing blood sustenance) given to him by a Plague Doctor and constantly Adrien searches for a cure. Also the very plague doctor who gave him his poison created him as a perfect clone of the gre
Abilities: Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat, Skilled at Fencing Style Sword Combat, Skilled with Pistol, and Deft Hands (Pretty much anything a rouge or spy can do Adrien can do)
Weapons : Flint Lock Warning Shot (A special pistol that damage increases based on how much diplomacy is used before the pistol is used), A shotgun, Hidden Blades, A wrist mounted tesla coil that arcs electricity, and many knives.
Paraphernalia: Harbinger’s Armor & Jacket (which are designed to allow great defense for a medium armor), Cadavre’s Credos (Which is Cadavre’s journal and basic teachings plus ideology), Adrien’s Gloves (Which allows him to touch Magic Items without penalty and ability to destroy them without taking damage), Adrien’s Black Book of Women (A book that has all the women Adrien has interest in, saved, or slept with), Adrien’s Black Book of Magic & Supernatural Items (A documented book full of special items Adrien has encountered), Adrien’s Journey Towards Solitude (His Journal), Cadavric Onyx Ring of Sustenance (A ring that allows Adrien to go without eating), Red Rigivont Poison (A poison that gives genetic Vampirism) Amelie Rose Journal Entries (Guidance notes Adrien finds that gives the origin of the Red Rigivont Poison)
Fighting Style: He has the basic fighting style of any of the Assassin’s from Assassin’s Creed.

Primary Specialty: Getting rid of corruption as the Rose Harbinger
Secondary Specialty: Diplomatic situations