Ambassador of Fortune

Title – Ambassador of Fortune Ambassador of Fortune
File Name – Arie Suter
Aliases – Milo Addle, Monty Finch, King Arlie
Identity – I do not have a Secret Identity.

Height – 6.2 ft
Weight – 230
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Black

Real Life Place of Operations – Colorado
Universe of Origin – This
Place of Birth – Colorado.
Base of Operations – Colorado

Email –
Web Experience – Classified

First Appearance: 2010
Citizenship: Swiss, American, Red Fork Empire
Caste: Brigand
Legal Status: Citizen

Known Relatives: none to speak of
Group Affiliation: Pirates of Ill Repute, Imperial Mountain Annex. Mountain Miscreants
Martial Status: Not Married
Known Allies: Pirates, Steamships around Colorado, Correspondent, Hooligan, High Inquisitor, Cardinal of Aetheric Energies, and Minister of Infernal Affairs.
Major Enemies: None that I am aware of.

Education: High School
Occupation: Photography, Nautical Goods Relocation Expert, King

Distinguishing Features: Dashing good looks.
Powers: Intimidation
Source of Powers: I am my own source of powers.
Abilities: Able to knock someone out with a Single Punch.
Weapons : Fists, Wrench, Portable Hand Mortar, Brass Knuckle, Pistol, Cutlass.
Paraphernalia: Leather Bag, Wrench, Watch Clock.
Fighting Style: Dirty

Primary Specialty: Protection
Secondary Specialty: Pirating