Ambassador to Gallifrey

Title – Ambassador to Gallifrey Ambassador to Gallifrey
File Name – Classified
Aliases – Too many to mention.
Identity – Ambassador’s identity is not known to the entire Empire.

Height – Classified
Weight – Classified
Eyes – Classified
Hair – Classified

Real Life Place of Operations – Maryland
Universe of Origin – Who
Place of Birth – Classified
Base of Operations – Galifrey

Email –
Web Experience –

First Appearance: 1998
Citizenship: Red Fork Empire
Caste: Executrix Doctrine
Legal Status: Ambassador has no criminal record.

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: Dark Rhode
Martial Status: Classified
Known Allies: Adviser, Queen of Sanctuary, Infiltrator, Double Agent.
Major Enemies: Daleks, Cybermen, the Master.

Education: Galifrey
Occupation: Highest ranking official in all matters with the Time Lords.

Distinguishing Features: Classified
Powers: Classified
Source of Powers: Classified
Abilities: Vast historical knowledge of the Time Lords, Web of Time, and Time travel engineering. Ren-Faire Anthropolgy.
Weapons : Standard Issue
Paraphernalia: Sonic screwdriver, Time ring.
Fighting Style: Duel

Primary Specialty: Negotiation
Secondary Specialty: Faire nexus points.