Title – Archivist
File Name – Miss Peri
Aliases – Peri Schenznyk
The Librarian
The Storylady
Identity – Known to few

Height – 5’3″
Weight – 140 lbs
Eyes – Changeling/Mood Ring eyes
Hair – Shades of brown, silver, red and occassionaly green, reminiscent of the bark of some trees

Real Life Place of Operations – VA, USA
Universe of Origin – Uncertain, her story changes with each telling
Place of Birth – No records can be found to answer this question
Base of Operations – When not in the same timeline or dimension as the young Emperor she can generally be found in one of the Empire’s libraries or archives searching for the stories that provide the common threads of the tapestry of time.

Email –
Web Experience – None

First Appearance: 1999
Citizenship: Honorary citizenship in Sanctuary
Caste: Executrix Doctrine
Legal Status: Classified

Known Relatives: Classified
Group Affiliation: not openly
Martial Status: Classified
Known Allies: Miss Kitty the Imperial Tea Hostess, The Queen of Sanctuary and the agent of chaos Mr. Foo.
Major Enemies: The Dull, Iron workers

Education: Holds degrees (both earned and honorary) from a vast array of institutions scattered across the multiverse
Occupation: Collects stories of the Empire, Guardian to the youngest (so far) discovered incarnation of the Emperor

Distinguishing Features: Some have reported seeing her with small horns but no documented proof of this exists.
Powers: Strong intuition, persuasion, mental manipulation strongly resembling the mythological “glamour” cast by the fae. Also possesses the ability to travel/navigate the multiverse seemingly at will simply by stepping through a doorway.
Source of Powers: She claims that these abilities come soley from her studies of human nature and research in various works of literature. Her ability to “read” people and manipulate them to what she views as the best interests of her charge are uncanny.Witnesses report h
Abilities: If it is written in a book she stands a good chance of knowing something about it. Not a great deal of practical knowledge compared to that which she knows “in theory”.
Weapons : String, chopsticks, rumor and innuendo
Paraphernalia: Carrying case, contents vary depending on the circumstances and situation. She always seems to have essential items available though.
Fighting Style: If it comes to open fighting I’ve already lost the battle and left

Primary Specialty: Gather stories
Secondary Specialty: Guide the young Emperor