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Citizen Directory

The Red Fork Empire has no limits to where it may go.
It transverses time, space, dimension, and genre.

Citizens are the Official members of the Empire.
The level of involvement in the Empire is up to the individual Citizen.

Citizens are the driving force of the Empire and fuel the “Will of the People” Gauntlet worn by the Emperor.

A being is not required to submit visual art or write stories to gain Citizenship in the Red Fork Empire.

A being who seeks to become a Citizen of the RFE petitions the Lord Emperor through electronic mail or through messages on an electronic social network. Once the application is filled out and submitted the applicant is now considered a citizen of the Empire.

Citizens are not required to have an RFE character. Many within the Empire enjoy the real world aspects of the group and are just as involved as those with characters.

Citizens are encouraged to partake in: Events, Role Playing, Creating in the name of the empire, Red Fork projects, Posting personal or RFE creations on the Facebook group RFE Symposium.