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Electronical Graphics Orientation

Whether you have reached this place by mistake or intentionally, the Emperor has authorized the knowledge of the Red Fork Empire be opened to this dimension.

Imperial Address – Quarter the 2nd, 2018

Dear Citizens, Allies, Enemies, and unknown entities from beyond,

In the year of this dimension earth 2017 we had our Red Fork Two Bit Show in December. That went very well with around sixty people in attendance. After the event we realized that there were a few ideas we would do differently next time but for a first go with no budget it turned out to be a blast of a time. I would like to thank again all the performers and volunteers that helped make that event happen. It started with not wanting to let a year go by again with no performances, especially Meet the Five.

We started a Red Fork Drink an Draw an stuff in the middle of last year. A location is picked by me or someone else, usually in the Providence area, but there was one in Norwich CT. People come and bring their sketch books, note pads, knitting, coloring books, or laptops and work on whatever projects they have. We socialize, have a few drinks, bounce ideas, and spend some time with other creative types. This started because I knew of some comic book artists doing this before and I wanted to set time aside to work on certain things but also set time for friends and talk to other creative people.

Jewelry City in Attleboro MA had its first show last year and we were glad to help with their gallery. Although some of us were not able to attend, we found that they had a great first year and will be back again.

Barnaby Castle in Providence came to us to help with their Halloween event and they managed to raise more than 10k to go towards restoration of the house’s windows. We provided some of the horrific decorations, some mood music by Tyler Santinelli, and a few haunted personalities.

The Society in CT asked us to come out and put on an Introduction to the RFE. Sadly it was not my best work. I was too worried with the information and wasn’t my usual boisterous self. In any case being stretched to my limit and wearing a wooden box on my head (not at the same time) was a refreshing experience.

At the beginning of the dimension earth year 2018 we were allowed to bring the message to the masses at the Brass Ring Academy once again. Held in Bristol CT at the Carousel museum, this is a magnificent show if you have never had the pleasure of going. Many fabulous people, shopping, fashion, workshops, and entertainment abounds. We were able to debut our new Introduction to the RFE with Professor 489. The medal making workshop was once again a success. When we did Meet the Five at the Two Bit show I was not pleased with the performance. Not due to anything in particular I just know it definitely was not the best. At the Brass Ring event however that went differently. We tried a new way to start it and other than a small hiccup on location I think it went very well. Meet the Five has always been a growing process that slowly gets better but is never EVER the same show. The RFE thanks the Brass Ring Academy for a brilliant show and for allowing us to be a part of it.

The Emperor has issued Quarantine for the Planet ORR, mostly known as the Citizens of Antiford. Not only is this place a Multi-Versal hazard of the highest order, music, architecture, and sky whales do not exist. Any entity coming from that area has been deemed irreconcilably contaminated and should be imaginarily destroyed.

The Emperor Accessory Kit was put up for auction and funds went to the war chest. Thank you to Rachel Walsh Mattson for putting the kit together.

Boston Comic Con contacted the Watch City Festival in Waltham asking for New England Steam punk people to have a table at the Convention. Watch City then contacted us to be a part of the Steam group representing steam punk for the con. Along with other groups and event representatives, we brought some art for display, talked to many a person, and participated in a few panels. It was a fantastic time and it seemed by the con that we were very well received, so much that I hear that we may be asked again this year.

It was long overdue, however, many medals, awards, and armbands were sent out to many a deserving citizen. I know it takes a long time for me to reward those who have contributed to the Empire. Most of the medals and awards that were presented were made by fellow citizens from the Red Fork craft day event the year before. Thank you to all those citizens for your creative Red Fork works.

Recently the place where I was able to store the art for the gallery shows unfortunately became unavailable. After clearing it out I am returning most of the art back to their owners. I am not sure when we will have another gallery show but without a storage space I will need for people to drop off and pick up their work. That also means that art from out of town is going to be reduced.

Citizens of the Empire have been busy using their imagination and creativity. Some of the many projects that they have been showcasing on the RFE Symposium include: Mazes that churn the brain meat. Paintings of fruit that doesn’t move. Costumes and props of steampunk, warhammer 40k, and period pieces to name a few. Word smiths have spun letters into poetic pieces and stories of citizen adventures. A few have joined the ranks of the RFE inked, marking their flesh with a personalized red fork insignia. Drawings a plenty have graced the symposium, portraits, cats, and maps are only some of the many pencils put to paper. A multitude of faces made manifest with makeup. Currency has been print prototyped in the third dimension. Puppets, need I say more? Cars and Motorcycles have been worked on, fitted for the wastes, and built from the frame up. There have also been a few new citizens added to our cause, new citizens are always welcome, as always involvement is up to the individual to partake in missions or projects we are looking to focus on. Thank you to all the citizens who contribute to the empire as well as letting us know what creative projects they are working on.

In a time that is not the present the Empire is working towards developing a branch of Red Fork that is a Non-Profit organization so that we may elevate our resources in future events or projects. The Empire as a whole will remain the same. The Drink an Draw an Stuff will continue roughly every month in the Rhode Island area but that is always negotiable as to where we go next in the New England area. Submissions have been sent to the local event NEON in Warwick RI. A retro 80’s event by some of the people that brought Templecon to us for many years. The Quarantine of ORR will continue and Propaganda is highly encouraged to promote the Art war against the Citizens of Antiford. Recordings have begun for the RFE MPB or the Red Fork Empire Mandatory Public Broadcast. Sticker teams continue to respectfully tag the areas they frequent. It may seem that we have forgotten but we are still slowly working towards a moving picture short with the fine people at Broken Reality. Lastly, there are more Armbands, Awards, and Medals that will be sent out to Citizens who have fulfilled missions or made creative works in the spirit of the RFE.

To all the Citizens, Allies, Enemies, and unknown entities that know us, thank you for your support and always remember

Keep up the Fight.
-Lord Emperor Justinian Stanislaus

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About the RFE

The Red Fork Empire is an Artist collective that believes the use of imagination and creativity is what makes life worth living.

We encourage this practice especially to those who think they cannot be creative or have an imagination worth expressing.

As a group we strive to encourage each other to use our imagination and to create when we feel unable to do so. We support each other in individual artistic projects and if possible lend assistance when asked.

Using the theme of the Red Fork Empire, citizens have a springboard to jump start the creative process and use it to focus their imagination. We are the last line of defense against the destruction of make-believe.