Gaining Citizenship

The Red Fork Empire has no limits to where it may go.
It transverses time, space, dimension, and genre.

The Red Fork Empire opens its borders to all who would seek it, provided they are seen acceptable by the Emperor. Many citizens reside in the Imperial dimension, home to the capitol city of New Byzantium, but there are millions of loyal citizens who originate from other places and times.

A being who seeks to become a Citizen of the RFE petitions the Lord Emperor through electronic mail or through messages on an electronic social network. In said correspondence it is stated that the being wishes to become an upstanding Citizen of the RFE.
Once the Emperor, an Officer of the Directory Clerk, or Administrator of the Census Division has read the petition, an Application for Citizenship will be sent to the being requesting citizenship to fill out and return to the Emperor.

Once this is received and read, if there are any answers that require changes, the being will be contacted. Negotiations will be enacted so that the potential citizen’s creativity and the vision of the Empire remain intact.

When the application is approved, it will be processed and then eventually added with a portrait to the Citizen Directory.

An individual who seeks citizenship in the Red Fork Empire will have an original Alter-self. The Alter-self is the persona created by you. An aspect of the Alter-persona is a possible reflection of adventures with the Emperor. Another is who you are within the Empire. Your created Alter-self has an Empire to explore and purpose in it’s imaginary existence. It is encouraged that you are from the Imperial dimension or a dimension of your own.

The RFE endorses original creativity. However, the RFE does welcome those from known realities with open arms. You may originate from a known universe, under the caveat that impersonation of a popularly established entity is forbidden.

The Red Fork Empire or will not steal your alter-self and use it commercially or non- commercially without permission from the creator. Stories and art about an alter-self may be submitted by beings other than its creator, but the alter-self rights remain the property of its creator.

If you do not have an idea for your Alter-self, one will be provided for you. The Emperor or one of his dignitaries will provide an Alter-self with few questions and probably no long term pain.

Citizens of the RFE are invited to partake in:

  • Fabrications using the mythos of the Red Fork Empire.
  • Role-playing your alter-self at sanctioned social interactions.
  • Put together a uniform and build equipment for authorized events and gatherings.

A being is not required to submit visual art or write stories to gain Citizenship in the Red Fork Empire. It is not mandatory to role-play, have a uniform, build props, to be a Citizen of the RFE. A Citizen of the Red Fork Empire is obligated to only be eternally loyal to the Emperor and the RFE.

Official Armbands with the Imperial Insignia are earned through creative contributions to support the Empire. This support is usually in the form of a creative medium within the theme of the RFE.
The will of the Emperor is that Citizens should be rewarded for their contributions and support to the Empire. The Emperor does not intend for this to be too harsh of a requirement to be asked of a Citizen, it is only his will to promote creativity, imagination, and to give life to the Empire through its Citizens.

Displays of this support in the past have been in the form of:

  • Stories about the Empire and its Citizens.
  • Propaganda made for (or against) the Empire.
  • Songs composed to be Imperial Anthems.
  • Devices created to aid the Empire in its imaginary endeavors, bearing the Imperial Insignia.
  • Portraits or Artistic renderings of other Citizens within the Empire.

These are just a few of the infinite creative possibilities that can be done in the name of the Empire.

The Official Armband Insignia may be earned though other non creative means but that is at the sole discretion of the Emperor to decide if that Citizen is worthy. The Imperial Armband is not asked for, it is given. The Emperor is a just, fair, and honorable sovereign and will not bestow the Insignia unless the Citizen has truly earned it. He will not abide any Drama that would suggest otherwise.

Once a Citizen has acquired an Armband they may be awarded medals or other items for their continued support of the Empire. Please see the COAL for examples.

Submissions are approved by the Administrator of the Public Relations Garrison.

Citizenship may be revoked and the being exiled at anytime by the Emperor if the Citizen engages in behavior unbecoming a member of the Red Fork Empire. This includes infecting Drama within the Empire and its citizenry. Upon exile the former citizen will be asked to not bear the insignia of the RFE.

*Seriously, this is about having fun. It is not an ego pissing contest, even for me. I am not doing this to be an egotistical crap head. I am only pretending to be one. If you are a citizen it is because I or someone else who invited you believes that you are a sane person who respects others and likes to have fun as an adult.
If there is a problem with a citizen and it cannot be worked out with whoever is involved with the situation then they will not be a citizen anymore. So just to make sure, if there is ANY he said she said, bickering about fairness, or whatever childish poo that can get in the way of decent people having a genuine good time then you are going to be asked to hand in your decoder ring and be out of the club.