Gaze upon these visages of the Emperor!
Tobias and Pibby. By Christine Sprocket Coleman
By Adam Harmon
Booth in his Chamber. By Christine Sprocket Coleman
Booth Doll. By Hannah Harthoorn
Booth. By Hannah Harthoorn
Booth. By Lauren Thompson
Booth. By Lille Fugl
By Brandon Vahlsing
By Brian H
Empire Bucks. By Rahne Fellwalker
Emperor by Chandra Free
Emperor by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Bug by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Fat Unicorn by Christine Sprocket Coleman
by Clayton Nickell
by Coey Kuhn
by Crimson Firefox
by Darci Robbins
by Derek Fridolfs
by Derek Yaniger
by Diana Y Chen
by Dizzy
Freakboy by DJ Cassel
IX by DJ Cassel
by Drake Tigerclaw
Emp by Emp
Emp Pokemon by Emp
Fat Unicorn Tobias by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Five by CJ
Five Emperors by Linda Chonski
Five Emp by Lissa Jacobson
Eye by Lille Fugl
Five by Lille Fugl
Five and Pibby by CJ
by Franko
by Gabi Gonzalez
by Gregory Titus
Art Block by  Hannah Harthoorn
Hyde by Christine Sprocket Coleman
by Jeff Wamester
Ties by Jen Cook
by Jenna Ober
by Jim Russo
by Joel Carroll
by Kaylee Belli
Emperor Pony by Kaylee Belli
String Doll by Kaylee Belli
by Kent Bonifield
Rookfinger by Lauren Manners
Bird by Lauren Manners
Squid by Lauren Manners
5 by Lauren Thompson
Emperor Dinosaurs with Pibby by Lille Fugl
by March Queen
by Matt Herms
by Mendoza
Eat Your Dog by Mike Hammer
Paper Assassin by Mike Hammer
by N Torres
by Patrick Parnell
Fez Peanut by Lauren Manners
Peanut by Lille Fugl
Peanut by Lille Fugl
Peanut and Pibby by CJ
Peanut by Unwind Era
by Remedial Comics
by Rev. Dave Cornelius Johnson
Chops By Richard Borges
by Richard Borges
Rookfinger  By Christine Sprocket Coleman
Rookfinger Merry Imperium by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Rookfinger by CJ
Rookfinger by Erie Alexander
Rookfinger Doll by Hannah Harthoorn
Rookfinger by Lauren Thompson
Rookfinger by Lille Fugl
Rose Besch
by Ryan Wilkes
by Scott Wegener
by Scottie Shoemaker
Emperor Lobster by Shawn Sykes
by Skye Carlson
Emperor Transformer, X-Haust by Skye Carlson
by Spencer McAddams
by Steve Ellis
by Sweatshop Studio
Werewolf Justinian on old card by Syrena Seale
Werewolf Justinian on old card by Syrena Seale
Werewolf God on old card by Syrena Seale
Werewolf Justinian by Syrena Seale
by Ted Naifeh
by Tim Petty
Tobias by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Tobias by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Tobias by CJ
Tobias, Adopt Today by Lille Fugl
Tobias Doll by Rahne Fellwalker
Tobias Doll by Hannah Harthoorn
Tobias, Baptisma by Katy Amicone
Lil’ Tobias by Christine Sprocket Coleman
Tobias by Lille Fugl
Tobias by Rahne Fellwalker
Tobias by Scott Wegener
by Todd Nauck
Wanted Page
by Zachary Jerome
Emperor as Headless by Zachary Jerome
by Zack Finfrock

Imperial Portraits

He is perceived in many different ways throughout eternity and has taken on many forms. There is one fact that cannot be denied by any entity alive or dead. The Lord Emperor’s visage and presence is so omnipotent, to use words alone to convey what it is like to bask in the radiance of this awe inspiring being would demand execution. Nor can any singular representation of the Emperor be enough to justly display in total his epic eminence. Artists from all over the cosmos, through time, and across dimensional rifts have contributed to this gallery to the Lord Emperor of the Red Fork Empire. The Emperor is so pleased with the alchemists of imagination that he encourages you to view other works of these skillful masters of the visual arts.