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The Emperor prefers to work in sculpture more than any other medium, to use his hands to build and create. He feels as if the power of creation was his to command, that once he starts working “something happens”. The Emperor sees his creations as more “real” in a three dimensional space, without the limitation of working in only two dimensions. He will take full advantage of as many dimensions possible, currently his goal is to be able to use all five dimensions. He takes forgotten objects of peoples lives and shapes them into something imaginative and creative, almost like working a puzzle with pieces of souls.

Each piece has a story that it can tell. Even though whether or not a piece already has a meaning or story behind it, the work itself can tell a different story to each viewer. His actors are handmade and play their parts on the stages built around them. The creations usually start with one small idea or object. It’s then built around that object or idea. With some imagination, it’s formed into a work that speaks on its own. The Emperor tends to get a bit morbid with his work. His usual outward mood is cheerful, as can be expected of a sovereign, and uses his gift to express his darker self.

The Emperor hopes you enjoy his vision. Please, he encourages you to write: if you have any comments, wish to contract him, or would like to buy one of his creations. (either an actual piece or a print). Thank you.

-Emissary to his Lord Emperor