Maker Shoppes of the Empire

Internet passages leading to creations made real by the hands of real Citizens.

  • Bazaar of Random – Small business with homemade, handmade items! You can never expect what will be available next, this store was created by a creative individual with a lot of time on her hands.
  • Hooligan Kustoms – a professional tattoo artist, knife maker, armorer, and blacksmith. With 12 years experience making knives, you can be sure that he brings a wealth of experience to the craft and your design. With his history in the armed services, he carries a wealth of practical knowledge to his design and implementation.
  • Emporium 32 – Inspired by visionaries like Walt Disney, we strive to create a brand that brings traditional styles and techniques to the masses, worthy of the classic Main Street department store of bygone days.
  • West of the Moon – Influenced by Art and Magick, Steampunk and old Victorian Oddities
  • Stitching Sins – Purveyor of dorky and indecent cross-stitchings
  • Steam Spy – a Card Game based Role Playing game.