The Emperor

The Emperor does not remember before he was Emperor, to him he always has been. He conquers worlds throughout the multi-dimensions enforcing imagination and creative thinking upon the Dull. He fights a war against the oppression of the unreal. The lord Emperor will die countless times but always will return. He travels through time and dimensions in the multi-verse. He is there to just observe, and wait. He protects his timelines from deviating the path of his choosing. He looses track of where or when he is, can suffer from delusions or flashes back and forward, based off of catching up with traveling.

He is aware of the different parallels of himself. At one point they were once part of a whole but now are split. Some wish to kill all versions of himself. He is only one entity that as the result of certain occurrences have changed his personality through his immortal timeline. The Lord Emperor despises pirates, vampires, doesn’t trust fairy folk, but will allow certain members of those races citizenship for the glory of the Empire. “I remember the Red. Everything, no sight other than the Red.

When I saw the fork, a divergence discovered. A new path opened to me. Soon I desired the possibilities of seeing more than this other universe, to see more forks.

Everything from my beginnings as a dreamer, to who I was, or who I may be was gone. All of my choices, all of the paths I took or could have taken were now laid out for my purview.

Witnessing this bend in reality changed not only me, but altered the laws of the universe. I am unsure how long I looked into the door. It was possible that the field surrounding the Door had adopted me. Time was not touching me. After what seemed as years passed, I could not remove myself from the view of the Door. This irrational situation was so devastating, to miss anything that may happen next would be suicide. Eventually I began to hear voices, at first I only thought it was my inner voice, talking to myself to pass the time as I watch. Then I realized that the voices did not come from my head, they were being projected to me through the door. I was hearing my voice, but from the other places beyond the door. I was listening to my thoughts from other worlds. As I continued to stare into the preposterous, communication between us had started. Some of the forks were staring into the same door, we all were connected through the bleed. Inside the field those of us who had direct access to the door as I was became conduits for all the others so our minds joined. With every possibility now known to every one of us throughout all dimensions.

Then I saw the Red.” – The Emperor