The Red Fork Empire

The RFE spans beyond this universe, it is present in thousands of realities, in millions of worlds, in multiple time-lines. Time, space, parallels, multi-verse, dimensions, genre, cannon, the Empire is not bound by these small obstacles. The only boundaries are those chosen by the Emperor.
Steampunk is not the only sub-culture the Empire supports. The RFE has many of the same ideals, so that is where it thrives for the time being. People can be from almost any dork nerd geek sub-culture background as long as you express imagination and creativity.

The enemy of the RFE are the DULL.

The RFE holds the line against the oppression of make-believe. The Empire strives for originality and inventiveness, even if it does not fall under the banner of the RFE. Those who do not see the eternal magnificence that is the Emperor and the Red Fork Empire will in time.

The RFE home world is New Byzantium, a planet whose core was encased in a device as the planet was forming at the beginning of time.

The main objectives of the RFE:
Provide a type of Creative Commons License for creative beings or non- creative beings to explore their imagination, use the RFE as a medium to help generate the creative process in their minds, and throw the result into its real or unreal existence.

To ascend the artistic genius of the Emperor to heights beyond comprehension.

The RFE will aid to promote, help, guide, and do what it can so that its Citizens are successful in their creative endeavors. Citizens are encouraged to take part in this objective, it is not mandatory.

Generate collaborative projects that multiple citizens may take part in.

Use the RFE to form a collective bond with people of similar interests that may not reside near one another, and celebrate when those meetings occur.

Hold the line so that the worlds of make believe are indulged and never destroyed.

Creatively conquer all of non-existence.